April-July 2023

In-Person Workshop Series

Unite the mind, body, and spirit with a six-part workshop. Students & teachers can elect to attend the workshops individually or collectively.


Experience functional anatomy, precision alignment, and adaptations for your unique bone structure for stability & strength in your practice. Sync the entire experience to yogic philosophy that improves self-regulation. Each workshop contains postural clinics and assessments to enhance student and teacher understanding and delivery of verbal cues and hands-on adjustments. Yoga Alliance registered teachers receive 3 CEU credits per workshop. Whether you attend one or more workshops or are a yoga student or teacher, you will leave feeling confident, balanced, and aware.

Workshop Themes:

    • Externally Rotated Standing Postures | Grounding 
    • Neutrally Rotated Standing Postures | Effort & Ease
    • Inversions | Perspective 
    • Hip Openers & Arm Balances | Comfort in the Discomfort
    • Backbends | Compassion
    • Twists | Letting Go 

*All workshops are from 2-5pm

Ground through Externally Rotated Standing Postures on April 22nd

Learn the grounding stability of standing poses. Understand how each posture relates, what structural limitations might exist, and how to safely and effectively maximize the range of motion using their unique bone structure. Mentally experience, through pranayama and mindfulness, how to cultivate a sense of ground and safety at any moment. 

Balance with Neutrally Roated Standing Postures on May 20th

Balance effort with ease through neutrally rotated standing postures by learning to work mentally and physically with pairs of opposites. Explore how to find strength without tension, work without frustration, and accept one’s capabilities with contentment. Students will examine these concepts in postures such as crescent, warrior one, and pyramid. 

Shift Your Perspective with Inversions on May 21st

Begin to apply your strong foundation from standing postures towards maintaining integrity in inversions. Challenge your perspective of what defines an inversion and your capabilities. Learn how to build muscular strength and confidence to maintain control physically and mentally. Students can learn and apply these principles with their feet on the ground. 

Find Comfort in the Discomfort with Hip Openers & Arm Balances on June 24th

Learn to open your hips safely and correctly by understanding the component parts and actions required in forward folds and arm balances. Students will see an anatomical breakdown muscularly and structurally to prevent injury and work effectively with your bone structure. Explore your edge as you balance discomfort with comfort and learn to work with incremental wisdom. 

Compassionately Open Your Body with Backbends on July 15th

Backbends can be stimulating, energizing, and fun when done correctly. Understand how to find space in the upper back, lengthen the lower back, and strengthen the legs in backbends to reap the rewards of countering daily life movements. Students will also learn to use backbends to foster self-compassion for well-being, healing, and protection. 

Let Go and Twist on July 16th

Twists incorporate an element of balance which can produce instability in the posture, making them precarious and frustrating. Learn to let go of expectations and find stability by separating the upper and lower body by working with dual actions. Patience, length, and strength cultivate balance and the ability to go deeper. 

All workshops qualify for CEU’s under Yoga Alliance guidelines. Contact CEU‘s provided in the following: 

  • Techniques, Training & Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics 

Yoga Alliance requires all RYTs and E-RYTs must complete 75 hours of CE within three years from their initial registration date, every three years. 

This total number of hours must include:

All packages must be paid in advance and in their entirety. 


  • $300 for all six workshops ($50 each)
  • $165 for any three workshops ($55 each) 

A La Carte:

  • $60 per workshop when prepaid 1-week in advance 
  • $70 per workshop at the door 

All payments are non-refundable. You may transfer your place to another student if you need to cancel. Please submit transfers via e-mail 48 hours before the workshop for acceptance. Jennifer Pierotti will issue all CEU certificates by July 22, 2023.

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