About Me

Practice With Intention

Jennifer Pierotti is an accomplished and experienced yoga therapist and teacher. She curates individualized therapeutic practices that meet her clients’ goals and needs, leaving them feeling empowered, joyful, and healthier. When not immersed in her passion for helping others, she often reads, creates unique culinary experiences with her husband, spends time with her two dogs, or makes her way to Oahu, where she feels most at home. Jennifer welcomes the opportunity to work with all clients looking to improve their health, healing, and well-being.

Jennifer Pierotti’s method of teaching yoga was developed from her own experience rehabilitating severe yet cathartic injuries. She utilized the full array of yoga practices, including pranayama, asana, therapeutics, meditation, and lifestyle principles, to restore and rebuild her shoulder and hip while simultaneously finding balance in her life. During this arduous yet insightful journey, she curated a teaching and guidance process that enables her clients to develop a level of connection with their bodies, facilitating a deep understanding of healing themselves while cultivating inner and outer harmony.

What sets Jennifer apart is her ability to see and read bodies. Jennifer evaluates each client’s anatomical structure, breathing patterns, and mindset to inform her plan of care related to the panchamaya kosha model. She incorporates yoga techniques best suited to individual needs and goals while fostering an open dialogue that is accessible and meaningful to each person. Her depth of knowledge in anatomy and physiology produces precise instructions that are easy to understand and carry out. Her implementation of yoga in this fashion ensures each client an individualized healthy, safe, and rewarding approach.

Jennifer’s diverse and evolving background began in 2009, studying predominately under YogaWorks founder Maty Ezraty. Her yoga therapy background started in 2011 and evolved into a Master’s of Science in Yoga Therapy from the Maryland University of Integrated Health. Jennifer is a C-IAYT, YogaWorks certified, E-RYT 500, and YACEP yoga therapist and teacher. In 2012, Jennifer began collaborating with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities by designing and implementing yoga and yoga therapy programs to assist addiction recovery. Her work in this demographic continues to be some of the most rewarding in her career.

“It’s hard to summarize the impact that Jennifer Pierotti has had on my yoga practice, my career, and my life. Under her tutelage, I’ve experienced things that I’d never even known were possible. I’ve especially benefited from her advanced knowledge and awareness of human anatomy and biomechanics. She has inspired so much of how I show up as a therapeutic yoga teacher & human being.

I leave each meeting, class, and session having gotten exactly what I needed. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with Jennifer Pierotti. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, & brilliant mentor (or teacher) then I could not recommend her enough.” ~Anna Gingrich