Sacroiliac Joints

Understanding the Biomechanics of the Pelvis

Cost: $40

This two-hour workshop combines lecture and experiential practice to support students and teachers in understanding the sacroiliac joints and biomechanics of the pelvis. Explore the pelvis’s anatomy while understanding each muscle’s role, how to engage or release it properly, and its utilization in yoga and daily life. Survey how emotions and breath impact mobility and how to address the findings. Learn sequencing techniques, the latest scientific research, and best practices to support life changes such as age and pregnancy. This workshop complements the following two prerecorded Intentional Practice sessions:

Intentional Practice Add-On

Cost: $15 for one, $20 for both

YogaWorks for Hip Health
Explore yoga and movement in this YogaWorks style practice for hip health. This practice will utilize common yoga postures in group classes while focusing on hip biomechanics, stability, and flexibility. Practice will conclude with a short restorative sequence to rejuvenate the muscles surrounding the hips while also acting as a stand-alone practice that can complete any movement activity.

Yoga Therapy for Sciatica
Improper movement in and around the pelvic girdle often results in sciatic nerve pain. This session will target muscles that are often tight or short and put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing discomfort. Students will learn techniques to optimize pelvic strength and functionality to improve daily movement principles of bending forward, walking, and standing to alleviate sciatica symptoms. Additionally, students will explore the mind’s response to pain and how to alter the pain experience.

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