Paradoxical Breathing

Collapsed Breathing Disorder

Cost: $40

This downloadable 60-minute Intentional Practice includes a short lecture (8 mins), guided pranayama, and restorative & therapeutic exercises that address the impact of paradoxical breathing, the most common breathing disorder. Learn what paradoxical breathing looks like, what it does to the body/mind, how to test yourself, and how to dismantle the pattern. Experience a guided pranayama session that includes duel diaphragm breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, 1.1 breathing, and extended exhalation alongside restorative postures addressing musculoskeletal dysfunction. A pdf of the lecture is included with this purchase and contains a comprehensive practice that provides additional therapeutic exercises.

Intentional Practice Add-On

Cost: $15 for one, $20 for both

Neck Tension
Explore somatic exercises designed to release neck tension. Somatics work with the sensory-motor system (receiving sensory information and translating it to the brain to move). The sensory-motor system responds to daily occurrences with specific muscular reflexes. These reflexes often are involuntary and habitual. A problem occurs when these reflexes become so unconscious that individuals are unaware they occur, but more importantly, they are unaware the muscles stay contracted. Unconsciously, holding at even a 10% capacity results in a reduced range of motion, soreness, and even pain. Often tension and chronic pain result from sensory-motor amnesia (loss of sensory awareness and muscular control). These exercises are to re-educate the body and muscles to function correctly.

At the Office & End of Day
Experience an adaptive yoga practice designed for individuals spending long hours at a computer. This session will target office work’s effects on the eyes, neck, shoulders, back, and wrists. A yoga mat is not required as this practice is for both office and home use.

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