Integrative Adaptive Care

Jennifer Pierotti offers an individualized biopsychosocial approach in every program offered. Her philosophy is to tailor the yoga practices to the individual or group, not the other way around.


Jennifer curates group and individual yoga therapy programs as an adjunctive treatment at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Yoga techniques harmonize the ACC and amygdala hubs in the brain, alleviating suffering, and cultivating self-regulation, resilience, and eudaimonia while improving rationality and values. These techniques also regulate the nervous system, allowing substance abuse users to end the cycle of extreme volleying between states of stress and reward. Jennifer’s programs help participants achieve balance, build self-discipline, release tensions and aggressions, and develop new methods and perspectives to work through life’s challenges.


Jennifer Pierotti offers group and individual yoga therapy programs as an adjunctive treatment at chronic pain centers. Her programs address multiple systems simultaneously to help alleviate pain, navigate emotional experiences and cultivate an inner connection. Jennifer utilizes musculoskeletal techniques to restore movement to the body, addressing imbalances. Breathing techniques to regulate the autonomic nervous system and interoceptive practices to increase awareness of internal body signals and how to respond appropriately. Participants also develop resilience and eudemonic well-being through these applications.


Injury management and functional movement are one-on-one programs that establish a connection with the body that facilitates a deep understanding of working with injuries, preventing future injuries, and rehabilitating dysfunctional movement patterns. Jennifer evaluates each client’s unique bone structure, conducts musculoskeletal assessments, and curates a program that honors the client’s current condition while safely overcoming physical obstacles to create and maintain balance and ease. The cornerstone of each program is to restore optimal mobility for day-to-day life and activities.


Jennifer Pierotti offers group and individual yoga therapy programs as an adjunctive treatment at cancer centers. Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of yoga therapy for symptom management in patients with cancer. Jennifer’s programs promote self-healing and decrease fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia while improving flexibility, balance, mood, and overall quality of life. Each program empowers patients, connects them to joy, and propels them forward as active participants and leaders in their care. Jennifer’s therapeutic approach and evidence-based application ensure each program complements the current medical protocol.


Using various research-based protocols, Jennifer curates group yoga therapy programs as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) designed to serve veterans and first responders suffering from physical and emotional challenges of war and trauma. Jennifer utilizes breathing techniques, physical postures (emphasizing coordinating movements with the breath), and body scanning meditations to improve mindfulness, increase non-reactivity and reduce depression, anxiety, pain, and sleep disturbances. Research demonstrates practicing awareness helps draw participants to the present rather than ruminating over the past or future and supports a nonreactive response toward internal stimuli allowing participants to improve their quality of life.

Teacher Development

Jennifer Pierotti is an educator for yoga and yoga therapy through collegiate programs, teacher training, and continuing education clinics. She offers customized mentorships to meet the needs and interests of new and established teachers. Each program provides individualized guidance and feedback so students can build upon their strengths, overcome areas of ineffectiveness, and improve their ability to deliver information authentically. All programs are scientific and evidence-based, constructed on interpreting intricate theories and postures. Programs emphasize musculoskeletal, physiological, and neuroscience comprehension and application. Students receive guidance on converting information learned into safe relatable contexts that suit each teacher’s personality and clientele.


Mysore Program & Community

Mysore programs are group classes where students are instructed one-on-one within a group setting to cultivate community while honoring individual differences. Since guidance is not collective, students are welcome to enter and exit anytime during the designated time frame. What sets Jennifer’s Mysore program apart is her distinct vision of combining Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga, and Iyengar principles. She creates practices that prioritize students’ unique bone structure and strengths, combined with physical challenges, to customize an approach that creates balance and peace.