A Personal Touch

Jennifer Pierotti offers an individualized approach in every service offered. Her philosophy is that yoga should be tailored to the individual and/or group not the other way around.

Group Classes

Ashtanga: Mysore

Ashtanga Yoga is a set of six prescribed series of increasingly challenging postures. Mysore style classes denotes that the class is not “led” as a whole but rather each student is instructed one-on-one within a group setting. Since the group does not begin or end the yoga practice collectively, students are welcome to enter and exit the room at anytime during the designated time frame.

What sets Jennifer Pierotti’s Ashtanga Mysore yoga classes apart is her distinct vision to combine Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga principles in order to create a practice that corresponds with the needs and goals of each student. While Jennifer honors the set sequence of Ashtanga yoga, she prioritizes the students unique bone structure, strengths, and goals to customize the practice in order to create balance and peace within the student.

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Workshops & CEU's

Jennifer Pierotti offers a myriad of workshops. Each workshop is designed to interpret complex theories and postures then convert them into simpler contexts and variations. During this translation, students are better able to understand the work necessary in the yoga poses. This will better enable them to perform the necessary work in the postures while maintaining the corresponding yogic philosophy.

Jennifer has also earned her certification as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). This is evidenced by her relevant degrees, substantial education, and considerable teaching and professional experience. This allows her to offer CEU’s for all of her workshops.

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Teacher Development

Jennifer Pierotti offers a variety of clinics that provide teachers the knowledge and tools they need to continue to develop their skills as yoga teachers. Each clinic is designed to cover a specific topic in greater detail and depth so that it builds upon and enhances the foundational information that teachers learn in both 200 and 300 hour teacher training programs.

Teachers will receive individualized guidance and feedback in order to build upon their strengths, overcome areas of ineffectiveness, and improve their ability to deliver new information in an authentic manner which will provide a lasting value to them and their students.

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Private lessons are an opportunity for self-exploration and individualization. They are also a safe place to learn how to work with injuries and utilize the yoga practice as an effective place for rehabilitation. During private lessons, Jennifer Pierotti evaluates each students anatomy and strength, then combines that information with any physical challenges that may appertain to the yoga practice, in order to create a practice that corresponds with the needs and goals of each client.

Jennifer’s advanced knowledge of anatomy produces precise alignment cues and hands on adjustments that elevate the practices of both beginning and advanced yoga practitioners. Her teaching method enables her clients to develop a level of connection with their bodies that will facilitate a relationship of deeper understanding.


Rehabilitation Programs

Jennifer Pierotti’s greatest joy is helping people overcome obstacles so they may achieve their highest potential. Developing yoga programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers is one of her passions. Yoga promotes overall well-being in three ways; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This methodology is an exceptional companion to the twelve step program utilized by many rehabilitation centers. Jennifer’s yoga programs will aid the participants in achieving balance, building self-discipline, releasing tensions and aggressions, and developing new methods and perspectives to work through life’s challenges.
Jennifer’s programs also create the opportunity for the participants to open the door towards making a spiritual connection in a non-threatening and     non-religious manner.


Corporate Events & Conventions

Jennifer Pierotti offers specialized yoga classes for corporate events and conventions. These classes are an intelligent way to reduce stress and maximize productivity among the participants.

Beginning the day with a yoga class aids the participants in maintaining wellness, both physically and mentally, allowing them to more fully engage the people they have come to network with and material they have come to learn.

The customization process of Jennifer’s yoga classes includes collaborating with each company in order to insure the proper tone and intention is set that reflects each company’s ideology and objectives.



Jennifer Pierotti’s coveted yoga retreats provide the freedom from day-to-day distractions and allow students to immerse themselves in a yoga program while being in a breath-taking destination. The yoga program is built on three platforms; structural observations, individual integration, and conscious awareness exploration.

Students will have the opportunity to learn and understand their unique bone structure, how it effects the yoga postures, and how to adapt the postures to better serve their body. During this process students will be prompted and guided to look at their state of mind and the effects both on and off the mat.

In conjunction with the yoga program, students will have the option to learn and immerse themselves in the local environment. Daily excursions, meals, and accommodations will have students immersed in the splendid locale. View historical and culture rich sites, guided hikes on nearby trails, and shopping at local stores and markets. Students will also have the opportunity to eat at hidden gems only the locals know about and relax onsite with massages and gourmet meals.


This layout allows students the maximum amount of time with Jennifer so that they may be guided in discussions at meal times and during other activities in order to prompt self reflection and gain the most insight and knowledge out of this journey.

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