Intentional Practice

Customized Practices for Group and Individuals



Intentional Practice is Jennifer’s signature style that incorporates her knowledge as a yoga therapist and teacher. Each session is customized to support a specific focus, condition, disease, injury, or musculoskeletal dysfunction. Groups or individuals request sessions by providing details on their goals. Jennifer then customizes a practice that addresses the client’s concerns while optimizing their health, resilience, day-to-day functioning, and ability to connect to joy. Sessions are pre-recorded via zoom and downloadable to keep. These sessions are individually crafted and can incorporate what each client desires. The more information provided, the better she can meet each client’s needs and support them towards empowerment and well-being.



$60 for 60 minute session

$40 for 30 minute session

*Groups split the cost of $60 or $40 respectively


Please e-mail to request a session, assistance, or questions.

Payments made via zelle or check.